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This natural material has inspired me with it's beauty. In researching for quality materials,I found the benefits of cork to be outstanding. Cork is the bark of the tree so there is no permanent damage done to the tree when harvesting. It is completely renewable. Cork is inherently antibacterial perfect for straps and bottom of bags that are in constant contact with the world around. Cork is durable, strong fabric often called vegan leather. Cork is naturally water and stain residents keeping your items beautiful for a long time. Cork is lightweight making these bags very comfortable to carry. Cork is easy to care for. Simply hand was this mild soap and water.

We are a small business with the priorities of being sustainable and responsible. The goals are to produce a quality product at a living wage using materials that are responsibly sourced. The opposite of fast fashion crunchy designs looks to create classic pieces for longevity. Crunchy designs are handcrafted not mass produced.